Sunday, 12 December 2010

A Haven for the Hypochondriac

For men of a certain age, waking with a tingling in the nether regions may initially provoke a nostalgic frisson of excitement but, when the tingling morphs into a constant dull pain, paranoia sets in – is it a hernia, maybe prostate problems or, even worse, the dreaded testicular cancer? Such was my dilemma at the beginning of the year.

After several sleepless nights and much soul-searching, I plucked up the courage to phone the Centro Diagnostico in Motril and book an appointment. The Centro, of which there are several throughout Andalucia, is exactly what it says on the tin – a diagnostic centre full of up to date medical hardware including PET and MRI scanners. For a (very reasonable) fee, you simply check yourself in, have the relevant scan/test and you are then given a comprehensive report with images to pass on to your GP or Consultant. A great idea, especially for us hypochondriacs.

Oh, for the record, my tackle is still intact but the scan showed that my hips are shot. The Centro is not simply a haven for the hypochondriac after all.

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