Friday, 15 July 2011

Smoking Ban

At the beginning of this year, the Spanish government introduced a new anti-smoking law. Now call me cynical, but based upon their previous attempts to ban the popular weed from public places, I was anticipating that I would not notice any change. How wrong could I be?

Bars are no longer allowed to opt out and indeed they run the risk of draconian fines, should they permit their punters even a quick puff in the urinals (so to speak). The ambience is now one of Anis and BO rather than stale Ducados (and BO).

But perhaps the tide is changing?

The other day, as I popped out onto the terrace of a local hostelry for a licit drag, I took this photo which suggests that one of the regulars has found a way around the regulations. Or was it the hand of that great smoker in the sky?

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  1. "The ambience is now one of Anis and BO rather than stale Ducados (and BO)" - that's classic. Great photo as well.